Cho Young Ju 사진
Cho Young Ju
Assistant Professor
Counselling Psychology
Future Convergence Technology Research Center #313


* Education

- Yonsei University, BA

- Yonsei University, MA

- University of Missouri-Columbia, Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.

* Selected Publications

1. Cho, Y.-J., Seo, H.-J. (2018). Attachment with Primary Caregiver and Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction in Adolescents : Interpersonal Problems Circumplex Model. The Korean Journal of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 30(2), 345-370.

2. Cho, Y.-J., Shim, E.-J. (2017). The Relationship between Adult Attachment and Relationship Satisfaction among Male and Female College Students: The Mediating Effects of Empathy toward Partner and Perceived Empathy from Partner. Korean Journal of Counseling, 18(6), 179-202.

3. Cho, Y.-J. (2017). Criticism and Withdrawal Communication among Dating Couples : Perceptual Accuracy and Bias. The Korean Journal of Woman Psychology, 22(3), 417-443.

4. Kim, M.-J., Cho, Y.-J. (2017). The Effects of Adult Attachment on Relationship Satisfaction among Dating Couples: The Mediating Effects of Dysfunctional Communication. The Korean Journal of Woman Psychology, 22(2), 263-288.

5. Cho, Y.-J. (2017). The Effects of Dysfunctional Communication Profile Level and Shape Similarities on Dating Couples' Relationship Satisfaction. Korean Journal of Counseling, 18(1), 23-44.

6. Cho, Y.-J. (2016). Relationships among Perceived Stress, Existential Well-being, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation : A 6-week Short-term Longitudinal Study. The Korean Journal of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 28(3), 801-827.

7. Cho, Y.-J., Mallinckrodt, B., & Yune, S.-K. (2010). Collectivism and Individualism as Bicultural Values: South Korean Undergraduates' Adjustment to College. Asian Journal of Counseling, 17(1&2), 81-104.