Kim Mi Soo  사진
Kim Mi Soo
Organic Chemistry
Future Convergence Technology Research Center #305


* Education

- Korea University, BS

- Korea University, MS

- University of Rhode Island, Ph. D.

Selected Publications:

1. B.Y. Chung; M. Kim; S. D. Lee, “Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids using carbonyl compounds and 1,1-bis(trimethylsiloxy)-2-(trimethylsilyl)ethane”, Bulletin Korean Chemical Society, 1988, 9, 67.

2. B. P. Cho; M. Kim; R. G. Harvey, “Synthesis and conformational analysis of nitropolycyclic fluoranthenes”, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1993, 58, 5788.

3. W. B. Euler; J.-T. Huang; M. Kim; L. Spencer; W. Rosen, “Isolation and characterization of a unique heterocyclic ring system from nickel-ion catalysed polymerization of phenylisocyanide”, Chemical Communications, 1997, 257.

4. M. Kim; W. B. Euler; W. Rosen, “LFER correlation of 13C chemical shift in para-substituted phenyl isocyanide: Implications for formation of a unique polymer”, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1997, 62, 3766.

5. L. Spencer; M. Kim; W. B. Euler; W. Rosen, “Tris(phenylimino)-1,3-diphenyl-1,2,3-propantrione: A model compound implicating a nonhelical structure for poly[(N-phenylimino)methylene]”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1997, 119, 8129. 

6. L. Spencer; W. B. Euler; D. D. Traficante; M. Kim; W. Rosen, “Complete solution NMR analysis of three oligoimine model compounds”, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 1998, 36, 398.

7. J. Y. Kim; H. Rhee; M. Kim, “A simple one-pot procedure for the conversion of aldehydes to hydroxy esters via cyclic acetals”, Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, 2002, 46, 479. 

8. G.-I. An; M. Kim; J. Y. Kim; H. Rhee, “Oxidation of aldimines to amides by m-CPBA and BF3·OEt2”, Tetrahedron Letters, 2003, 44, 2183. 

9. M. Kim; H. Lee; K.-J. Han; K.-Y. Kay, “An efficient One-Pot Synthesis of N-Methoxy-N-methyl Amides from Carboxylic Acids”, Synthetic Communications, 2003, 33, 4013. 


10. K.-J. Han; B. S. Tae; M. Kim, “A simple procedure for the conversion of carboxylic acids into the corresponding amides”, Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 2005, 37, 133. 

11. K.-J. Han and M. Kim, “Direct synthesis of Weinreb amides from carboxylic acids using triphosgene”, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2007, 4, 20. 

12. M. Kim and K.-J. Han, “Convenient synthesis of N-hydroxysuccinimide esters from carboxylic acids using triphogene”, Synthetic Communications, 2009, 39, 4467. 

13. K.-J. Han and M. Kim, “A simple and efficient method for trifluoroacetylation of arylamines using trifluoroacetic acid and triphosgene”, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011, 8, 559. 

14. K.-J. Han and M. Kim, “An efficient procedure for the preparation of carboxamides and peptides using in situ generated N-succinimdyl active esters”, Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 2014, 46, 350.

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