Seo Myeong Soo 사진
Seo Myeong Soo
Assistant Professor
Architectural Design, History, Theory, and Historic Preservation
Engineering Hall 3 Building #504


* Education 

- B.S. Eng. Department of Architecture, Hanyang University

- M.S. Eng. Department of Architecture, Seoul National University

- Ph.D. School of Architecture, University of Florida, USA

* Publication (Selected and peer-reviewed publications)

- Myengsoo Seo, “Architecture as Mediation: The Korean Pavilion at the Montreal Expo '67," Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. 16.2 (May 2017): 271-278. Japan. (A&HCI, SCI-E)

- Myengsoo Seo, “Accommodation of Western Modernism in Korean Architecture -A Case Study of Dong-jin Park(1899-1981)-,” Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. 16.2 (May 2017): 263-270. Japan. (A&HCI, SCI-E)

- Myengsoo Seo, “Historic Preservation towards a Critical Regionalism of Gil-ryoung Park's Buildings: The Hwashin Department Store and the No-soo Park house,” Architectural Research. South Korea. (March 2017 Forthcoming). (KCI)

- Myengsoo Seo, “The Japanese Government-General of Korea: A Hermeneutic Understanding of the Effects of Historic Preservations from a Western Perspective,” Architectural Research 18.3 (September 2016): 103-111. South Korea. (KCI)

- Myengsoo Seo, “Cultural sustainability through architectural preservation: A case study of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Florida Southern College,” International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development 5.2 (June 2014): 135-42. Published by Taylor & Francis, UK. (SCOPUS)

- Jinhong Park, Myengsoo Seo and Dongsoo han, “A Study of the Architectural Characteristics of Mo-Jung in The Joseon Dynasty through Painting and Literature Review," Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea 29.8 (August 2013): 149-58. South Korea. (KCI)