Kim Soo Chan 사진
Kim Soo Chan
Medical Engineering
Engineering Hall 3 Building #407


* Education

- Doctor of Engineering Ph.D

* Publications 

- Myunghyun Nam, Soochan Kim, and etc, Evaluation Method of Portable Handhel U-healthcare Medical Devices.  The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers-SC, 2012. 49(2): p. 55-62.

- Cho, H., Y.K. Seo, H.H. Yoon, S.C. Kim, and etc, Neural stimulation on human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields. Biotechnology Progress, 2012.

- Soochan Kim, Minje Park, Evaluation of a Head-Mouse Combined with Gyro- and Opto-sensors.  Korean Institute of Information Technology, 2011. 9(6): p. 97-104.

- Sungmin Kim, Seunghon Kang, Soochan Kim, Effect of Low Intensity Sound Wave on UC-MSC Growth. J. of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 2011. 28(4): p. 521-525.

- Soochan Kim, Kichang Nam, and etc , Assessment of the cleft nasal deformity using a regression equation. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. , 2009. 46(2): p. 197-203.

- Sung Woo Kim, Soochan Kim, and etc, A new method of screening for diabetic neuropathy using laser Doppler and photoplethysmography. Med Biol Eng Comput, 2008. 46(1): p. 61-7.