Nam Won Ho 사진
Nam Won Ho
Associate Professor
Rural Water Resource Engineering
Agriculture 1 Building #110


* Education

- B.S. in 2006 from Seoul National University

- M.S. in 2008 from Seoul National University

- Ph.D. in 2013 from Seoul National University

* Publications

1. Irrigation canal network flow analysis by a hydraulic model (2016)

2. Decision support system for real time operation and management of an agricultural water supply (2016)

3. Assessment of water delivery efficiency in irrigation canals using performance indicators (2016)

4. How climate change has affected the spatio-temporal patterns of precipitation and temperature at various time scales in North Korea (2016)

5. Projected irrigation requirements for upland crops using soil moisture model under climate change in South Korea (2016)

6. Analysing changes to the spatial structures of precipitation and temperature under different ENSO phases in the Southeast and Midwest United States (2015)

7. Drought hazard assessment in the context of climate change for South Korea (2015)

8. Irrigation vulnerability assessment on agricultural water supply risk for adaptive management of climate change in South Korea (2015)

9. Has climate change already affected the spatial distribution and temporal trends of reference evapotranspiration in South Korea (2015)

10. Development of an irrigation vulnerability assessment model in agricultural reservoirs utilizing probability theory and reliability analysis (2014)

11. A decision support system for agricultural drought management using risk assessment (2012)

12. A real-time online drought broadcast system for monitoring soil moisture index (2012)